Services, Groups & Activities


Montville 8amMaleny 9.30am
(and Zoom)
Maleny 5pm
Sunday Soulspace

Kenilworth 9amPalmwoods 8.30am
1st weekEucharistEucharistTaize or EvensongEucharistEucharist
2nd weekEucharistEucharistMorning PrayerMorning Prayer
3rd weekEucharistEucharistEucharist (usually)Eucharist
4th weekMorning PrayerMorning PrayerMorning PrayerEucharist
5th weekEucharistEucharistEcumenical PrayerEucharist


MontvilleMalenyZoom ChurchKenilworthPalmwoods
Monday5pm Community Dinner
(occasional – check the calendar)
1.30pm Cursillo (3rd/wk)
Tuesday2pm Taize/Evensong Choir
3.30pm Hinterland String Orchestra
9am Morning Prayer9.30am -1pm
Op Shop
Wednesday9am Meditation
10.00am Seasonal
Study Group
Thursday9am Inspiration Choir
10am Traditional Bible Study
11am Inspiration Project Choir
9am Morning Prayer
9.30am Meditation
10.30am Seasonal
Study Group
9.30am – 1pm
Op Shop
Friday9.30am – 1pm
Op Shop
Saturday9am Seasonal study group9.30am – 1pm
Op Shop

Praying the Stories of Women Tues 9am in Maleny and on Zoom
What is it like to tell the good news through the stories of women? Morning prayer with readings drawn from Wilda Gafney’s A Women’s Lectionary. This more inclusive lectionary introduces readers and hearers of scripture to “women’s stories” in the scriptures.”

Taize / Evensong Choir Tuesday 2pm in Maleny
Enjoy singing? We meet weekly with accomplished choral director Kim Kirkman to learn the chants and sacred songs we sing at Taize services and other occasions. You don’t need to read music and it’s free! Please come along and join us!

Meditation Wed 9am in Montville, Thu 9.30am in Kenilworth
Meditation has been part of the Christian tradition since the 4th and 5th centuries and recently has been revived as a form of prayer available to everyone. Our groups meet weekly to listen to a teaching related to meditation and to share a time of silence and stillness. We are associated with the World Community of Christian Meditation.

Seasonal Study Group Advent, Lent and Season of Creation
Wed 10.30am Montville
Thu 10.30am Kenilworth

Sat 9.30am Maleny

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